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I almost drown in my dream, literally

I went on a roller coaster with a few friends of mine. I do not remember who they are. Just a strange feeling like I don't really know them but I do..? Whatever that doesn't really matter.

Anyway, the roller coaster wasn't big, in fact, it was quite small, but it was special as it was built across a river, a yellow muddy river. The seats looked very different - it was a moving closed container with windows opened on sides. It was like a bus, a fast-moving bus.

My friends and I were getting ready for the ride, carrying our backpacks along. It started to rain, and the rail got slippery, but anyway the first round was a joy ride. What do I mean by first round...? That's because the roller coaster didn't stop. In fact, it started the second round and that's when I started to feel weird. The water level of the river started to rise, and the river started to flow faster. The rain got heavier and heavier, and within minutes, the water level had risen above the rail.

Apparently, I was the only one who noticed it, the others seemed to be enjoying the ride and thought that it was just the fun part of the ride. With the water level still arising, I climbed myself quickly out of the cabin from the window, leaving every other thing behind. The roller coaster was sinking, and I had to swim to get back to the water surface. Holding onto a wood plank that fell off from the rail, I tried to catch my breathe. Turning back, I gasped as soon as I realized that the roller coaster was nowhere to be seen. Only one or two friends of mine swam out of the ride like I did. Together, we swam to the shore and were saved by some folks whom I couldn't remember.

We survived.

I felt empty, devastated by the tragedy. I could have died if I didn't find a way out and sit there like others did. I could have died if I didn't let go of my belongings that I held dear. I could have died if I responded a few seconds late.

It felt like I was given a second chance and a brand new life.


It was a nightmare that reflected my current situation. I was totally stressed out and depressed. If I didn't find a way out, if I didn't reach out to the hands calling for me on the shore, if I didn't let go of my past, I could have died internally.


I hope you are having a good day. Stay alive.
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