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This year is the very first time I count down with my friends. :D Steamboat together. Playing that flurry snowy thingy together. Crazy partying together. Too bad I don't have those photos. Those awesome memories. Aww <3

Here we come to morning section. There are some new classmates, but I've never talk to most of them. (What a shame..)

It's all about Chinese New Year. Back to hometown. Invited some of my friends to my house. I'm sorry my house is very small lol. I do hope you guys have a great time. ;) Please forgive me for any flawed service.

My memories went blank here..

One of the highlighted event of the year - trip to Cameron Highland. Yeah! Have a great chat with my roommates. I can't deny that we know each other better after the trip. Sleep together in the living room is so cozy. I miss that moment. ;')

My sister dressed up like a snow white on Mother's Day.

It's my first flight and here we go to Bali!

Another …