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A Wonderful Journey Broadening My Horizons

Hey guys, I wondered if you miss my blog, because I miss writing stuff and share my thoughts with all of you.

p/s: This is a very long post. I didn't expect myself to write this longggggggg, but I did. Too much experience to tell. So if you're lazy to read all of them, make sure you read the last 3 paragraphs, okay? x

At the moment I received an email regarding YES Selection Camp, I jumped up and down, hopped from the living room to my bedroom and back to the living room again. I was really happy I can even FLY without wings. But after the happiness, here comes my stress. I discussed about the preparation with Rachel, one of my internet friend (not anymore, it's friend in real life now) from Terengganu who was also one of the candidates. I read through a lot of stuff about Malaysian cultures, American cultures and also issues about Greek economy and 1MDB. I was feeling too nervous and stressed out and I had been very bad-tempered. And I'm hereby apologize for that.
I h…