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Miracle Does Happen

When I first sent in the application...

I stood 0.01% chance...

And then I got into the second round interview...

I stood 30% chance...

And I thought I failed... my interview session did not go well...

And now it's 100% guaranteed that I'm flying to the USA...

Dream is coming true. It's so beautiful that I can hardly believe it.

I'm such a blessed soul.

Thank you so much.

Love Myself

I know I did not love myself enough.

I let myself cried over the same thing again and again. My heart chose to stay in the past because the present is stressing it out. I wish to turn back time, back to the days where I was complete with no scars nor wounds. I can't forgive myself for the mistakes I've made in the past. I always overthink and it gives me hard time to fall asleep.

I do not tidy up my room. I just let it be and ignore it, even though I feel uncomfortable living in such messy room. But do not worry, I'm sure I will clean the mess up after SPM, where I can shift all the reference books out from the shelves.

I always message the others, asking the others if they're okay. I know they need hug / somebody to rant on. So I'll try my best to be there for them. However, I never care about how broken I am. I just hide all the feelings into a huge giant big box and carry it with my heart. I guess it now weighs 25kg. I hope it drops until -47kg.

I don't thin…

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Hello guys! I should be studying right now as I'm having my SPM but I'm really happy that I think I need to write a blog post to... share the joy with all of you.

First of all,
Honestly, I hate driving manual car (very much). I'm so happy that I can finally get rid of it. Just drove my mum's car for the first time and I feel like writing an appreciation letter to the great person who invented automatic transmission.( I just googled it, it was invented by a Canadian named Alfred Horner Munro. Thank you so much Mr. Munro!)

And secondly,
I almost get through the first week of SPM. 7 more subjects to go! I can't wait to graduate and say bye to all those reference books stuffed in my bedroom.

If you want some comment about the papers:-
BM - the questions were really unexpected. Don't you ever believe that 'prosa ni dah keluar tahun lepas, tak kan keluar lagi tahun ni.' And don't you belie…