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Late Night Thoughts

Sometimes I find it pretty hard to move on, not because you're that good and worthy, but because I feel sad about how fast the time past, how much I've grown, and how long I've been trying to be good enough. I miss the days where I was just a little girl who thought my family and my boyfriend are my entire world. I miss the girl who loves to smile and cheerful and always stays optimism. As sooner as I grew, I realized that the world isn't as simple as I thought. I hate it, really. I don't know why can't the world be much more simplier. I learnt that every single one in this world is covered with a layer of protection and I wondered why. I thought if you take off your mask, the others will do the same, and that is how you find sincerity in this society. And then I finally realized that when you treat every single individual sincerely, people will take you for granted and you'll end up getting hurt. I don't know, call me stubborn, but I really hate this l…

Dear future husband,

Hi darling, welcome to my world. First of all, congratulations to you! You just became one of the luckiest man in the world. Pray that your luck lasts long, because you will sooner or later discover every ugly side of mine.
I wish that by now we have a house of our own. It doesn't have to be big as I don't have much free time to clean the entire house. A nice condo is enough to fit our tiny family, I guess. I hope the design is nice so that I could spend my boredom admiring the ceiling for the whole day. (p/s: I DON'T CARE I NEED A KING SIZE BED)
As you know, I am lazy to do house chores. I mean, I do, but don't expect me to sweep the floor everyday. Maybe we can buy a robot floor cleaner? That could save a lot of job! Nahh don't worry I'll use my own credit card. In addition, I'm not good at cooking but I don't want to buy any cooking robot because I love to cook. I will try my best to serve the best dishes for you every weekday, but please promise me …