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Once again, Penang.

Months ago, I suggested to go for a class trip in Penang.
And then, we really started to plan this and that. Eveything started to get frustrating even from the beginning. We spent nights looking for nice and affordable place to stay, places to eat, where to visit, etc.

There were many conflicts during the planning. Had tough time changing the date again and again, writing letter to the principal, waiting for the approval, dealing with the adults, begging the others for help...

But till the end, we finally made it to Penang.

The first day was terrible, thanks to the clerks we lost the approval letter at the very last minute. Museums being cancelled because we're off scheduled. Google map mislead us. Teachers were frustrated.

Well luckily at night, we got to spend our time at Gurney Drive.

Our bad luck didn't end. On the next day, air-con of the bus was broken down, bus driver went to Butterworth to repair it. We little fellas went to Escape Theme Park by Rapid Penang.

Escape is…

Farm in the City.

I wanted to blog about this few days ago but I was so busy doing something that I don't even know what is it, now here am I sharing my experience with you about this place.
The place located somewhere in Seri Kembangan. Well go for google map in the new tab if you wanna find out the exact location.
As a tourist, I would like to rate this place 3.5/5 stars. (lol) There are tortoises, snakes (my favourite idk why), birds, baby kangaroo, fish, rabbits, cows, lambs, etc. They supply food for you to feed the animals. (No extra charge, yay!)
The remaining 1.5 star.. I don't know. I just think the place lack of something but I can't tell what is it. (lol x2)
P/s: lol = speechless ; lololol = I don't know how should I react.

There was this table where they exhibit the chicks and snake and lizard and ostrich's eggs. Idk why my first reaction when I saw the lizard and the snake was: 'Daddy can I hold it please they look cute can I please oh please?' Daddy was like: &#…