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Life In The U.S.A. #7

I can't believe that I had already lived here for more than 2 months. 53 days until I leave Vegas!! *cries* I love this place, or to be more specific, Summerlin.

School had been super duper kinda easy to me. (Apparently, most of the exchange students agree with it - American high schools are easy.) I mean, I am still struggling in Mythology (currently we are learning about Beowulf which is so confusing I wanna die) (or maybe not) and also English (we are reading Frankenstein and it gave me night mare - I dreamed about a dead body came back to live after struck by a lightning and it chased me) but at the same time I am really getting so bored having tons of fun in Chemistry and Algebra II. My projects for Ceramics I were kinda really bad. Basically the process of making a project is like this:

Given a task > have a great picture of the project in mind > start working it > it cracks/falls here and there > try to fix it > still couldn't work > try again > los…

Life In The U.S.A. #6

Some cultural differences between most-but-not-all Americans and most-but-not-all Malaysians:

1. You don't answer 'never mind' when somebody apologizes to you unless you hate that person.

2. There is a big difference between paper towel, napkin, tissue and toilet paper.

3. You don't call toilet 'toilet', you call it bathroom.

4. 'I'm good' instead of 'no, thanks'.

5. 'I don't care' means I don't mind.

6. Usually, the drivers yield when a passenger wants to cross a road.

7. No service charge but you are very welcomed to pay the waiters/waitresses tips!


*this post is to be updated*