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Life In The U.S.A. #7

I can't believe that I had already lived here for more than 2 months. 53 days until I leave Vegas!! *cries* I love this place, or to be more specific, Summerlin.

School had been super duper kinda easy to me. (Apparently, most of the exchange students agree with it - American high schools are easy.) I mean, I am still struggling in Mythology (currently we are learning about Beowulf which is so confusing I wanna die) (or maybe not) and also English (we are reading Frankenstein and it gave me night mare - I dreamed about a dead body came back to live after struck by a lightning and it chased me) but at the same time I am really getting so bored having tons of fun in Chemistry and Algebra II. My projects for Ceramics I were kinda really bad. Basically the process of making a project is like this:

Given a task > have a great picture of the project in mind > start working it > it cracks/falls here and there > try to fix it > still couldn't work > try again > lose patience > screw it I am going to throw it away after I've done it.

I'm doing a solo dance performance next Friday at school theater. It's only like a minute-long but I am very happy to be given a chance to do my first ever solo dance performance here. On the other hand, I've learned about many things in U.S. Government. The class is kinda dull sometimes as I feel like I'm like one of the few ones who pay attention in class but still it is pretty interesting to see how U.S. government works and how it could affect the entire world. Oh, I somehow struggled in Psychology too. I find it hard to believe that some people in this world have serious mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I mean, I had seen these many times in movies, but to relate it with reality and to think about the beloved ones around them, it's just too hard for me to buy it.

Dance class - with one of my crazy friends Shiwani <3
Recently, I had been to The Jersey Boy, Beauty and The Beast and High School Musical shows. I really enjoyed all of them. I guess when I go back to Malaysia, I would really look it up and see if there is any other broad way show that will catch my interest.

Also, I helped selling snow cones for Key Club at Palo Verde Carnival. I had a great hamburger and got some henna tattoo. I went for tarot and palm reading too.

This might just be a stereotypical view, it's just my opinion anyway: I think performing arts aren't well-appreciated in Malaysia, at least not as much as in the States. We tend to focus more on academic development and achievement in science or maths studies which is to be said 'higher class' than the others.

I guess that's all for now. I'll talk about my trip to California (which was extremely wonderful) and Zion National Park, Utah soon.

Random pic with my cutie pie <3
Take care and I will see you guys real soon. Tons of love xx

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