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Life In The U.S.A. #3

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog as much as I thought I would.

Basically, everything is getting better for me. I love going to school. I made friends. I find the teachers amazing. I enjoyed the classes. I joined Key Club. It's kinda sad that I am only here for the 2nd semester. I wish I can study in the school for years.

I volunteer in church every Sunday. I am starting my volunteerism in the library tomorrow too. I am still looking up places to volunteer (because I am kinda free after school) and yay feeling so productive.

To be honest I have a lot more to tell but I am just lazy to write an essay now. Good bye.

Life In The U.S.A. #2

I started my American high school life last Monday.

The first few days at school are really bad. Well, maybe not that bad, but I felt so left out and helpless. My school is a overpopulated school. There are around 3,000 students and we all go to school at about the same time. There is no morning session or afternoon session like Malaysia. We do have 2 lunch session, but the cafeteria is still very crowded in both session. Some people go to choir room, some people just sit at the stairs, some people just sit around the school compound. You know what? Nobody knows I'm an exchange student until I clarify so. When I said I'm new, they thought I'm an American moved from another state to Vegas. When I told them I'm from Malaysia, they thought I moved from Malaysia to Vegas. But, still, nobody cares about exchange student LOL. This place is just so diverse that we have people all around the world moving here. I've met some students who migrated from Taiwan and Italy to Am…