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Back in the January, I came to 4SC1, which was not what I had expected. I never intended to take science stream, but I took. To be honest, I am still suffering in regret. One more year only can I say bye to Biology. Days ago, I talked with my cousin. She was like 'I've told you not to go for science stream!'. Sometimes I blame my mum for that. Sorry, mum. My mum told me that the reason I never got an A for Biology is because of my resentment towards it. I know that. However, no matter how hard I try to tell myself 'Biology is so fun! Imagine your intestine is 8m long yet you are only 1.58m tall! This is so interesting... eww!', I just don't like it. Till the end, the only one I can/should blame is myself for not listening to my heart.

March was the worst month for me in 2014. Heart broken and I cried every single night. I'm glad that I've already moved on. We shall skip this part.

Oh wait, I went Langkawi with my family too. It was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


This is a post about my dream.

One day, I wore a green-coloured T-shirt and a pair of shorts to school. Yes, a pair of shorts. I was freaked out and I rushed to the washroom. The washroom is enormous, unlike our school. It looks like those in the highway rest areas. This part is quite blurry.. I can't recall the details. I just remember that the washroom is unisex, and there were guys in there. Mind I repeat, it's in the school! The guys were flirting with the girls, yes, in the washroom. They were like 'wanna go out for a date?' Lololol.
And then I met this guy. I can't recall how and where did I meet him. I don't know how does he look like. All I can see was just a blurry image. (well maybe I saw him clearly in my dream but right now I can't recall his features at all.) He's rich, jerky (but I like it ha ha), funny and bad, like really really bad. We were pretty close and WE BROKE THE RULES TOGETHER! YAY! YOLO! p/s: I can feel that it's not our sc…