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California, don't stop the party #2

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park

This place is claimed to be the first amusement park in America. I had tons of fun with my host family and Lizzy and Isabella here!
I'm so proud of myself for going on the Silver Bullet ride. I was so excited when I was in line, but I was like 'GEEZ GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE' the moment I had my seat belt buckled. And then I screamed on top of my lungs thinking that I was going to die.

Oh and by the way, I love the boysenberry sauce here! It's so dang good. I had fried alligator bites (I know that sounds so weird) but it tastes so good! Kind of like a combination of chicken and shrimp. Dipped in boysenberry sauce. Yummmm! So. Good.

Here's a short video of the Silver Bullet ride from other user on Youtube:

It was tons of fun!!

Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City

I'm really lucky because The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was opened to the public back in April 2016. Like the timing is so dang right I cry.

This. Place. Is. Definitely. A. Dream-Come-True. I cried that night because the feeling was too overwhelming. I'VE BEEN DREAMING OF THIS DAY SINCE 5 YEARS AGO WHERE I STARTED WATCHING HARRY POTTER. Thank you so much to the Pramshafers!!

Here's a video of us running to be the first in line! Hah.

Who's ready to meet Dumbledore?!

Buttered beer tastes so good!

w/ my American mom!

and my American sis!

Another studio tour!

Lastly, I present to you,

Disneyland, Anaheim

It was grad nite. Basically there's like two parts in Disneyland, one which is Disneyland, and the other is California Adventure. After 10pm, the park will be closed but high school seniors (or middle schools 8th graders lol) get a chance to stay at Disney's California Adventure until 2am with the grad nite special tix.

(Once again, thanks to my host family for giving me a chance to join the trip and also my parents for approving it! :P)

not-so-dab dab


So ayyy here's a video of part of the Disney Parade before the park closes! There's another video here, check it out on my Facebook!

The Hollywood Tower! This ride gave me the ultimate panic attack. I thought I was going to die for real. I was literally shaking and trembling with tears in my eyes when I got out from the 'escalator'. Dropping from 10th floor is no joke.
p/s: It's permanently closed now, so glad that I went on it even though I would never go for the second time.

w/ da girlz
There were raving sessions for grad nite. Kid me or not, somebody got so high he started throwing dollar bills. (but I'm too short to get it. Ugh)

The night ended with a musical fountain show!

I apologize for the bad quality of these photos. But that's all I've got and I think the stories behind them are what truly matter. Anyway, I have tons of stories to tell. I'll write about Zion National Park in my next post. Stay tuned!
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