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Just the little things.

Yeah yeah, I know 2nd semester exam is coming soon but I just can't help to engage in extra-curricular activities. I mean, life is not only about studying, or is it?

I'm just gonna write a quick review about how much I've done for the past 4 months. I haven't done this in awhile, but I really need to write it all out now so that I don't feel like a worthless piece of shit. Hah!

I started staying over at my cousin's on the weekdays. I've been learning to cook my own meals and waking up without mum's calling. (Fyi, I overslept once. Woke up and realized that it's way past 7. What to do? Skipped school.)

Things I've tried to make:
1. Pancakes
2. Pancakes
3. Pancakes
4. Grilled meat (and just learned that the chicken needed to be marinated for 20 minutes before you grill it. I know, I know, how surprising for 19 years old.)
5. Tacos! (I made it. So it's good. Yup.)

Honestly it's hard to figure out a new easy recipe. If you have any simple cool recipe please do share with me!

Chinese New Year holiday was fun! I was really glad that I can celebrate with my family this year. We went back to my mum's hometown in Sungai Air Tawar and also went for a short trip in Penang!

Did I tell you that I love Penang? I did? Oh yea, I'm gonna say it again, I love Penang!

Went back to dance class. I really enjoy hanging out with my dance teacher and friends! Such positive vibes hahaha.

Assignments started to pile up...

Volunteered with AFS kids to Putrajaya for a day. It was pretty chill hanging out with them! Reminded me of the days where Alessandra was here. Miss her tons!

And also completed one volunteering project for my school club at the National Zoo! It was pretty fun!!

Did an hour of sharing session about AFS (exchange student organization) with my previous secondary school. I was really happy to see all my former teachers again! God bless them with good health.

Also completed one Chemistry project and one experiment. Three more Chemistry experiments to go for sem 2!

And also 4 more to go for Physics experiments. Ahh.

And I just handed my first draft for Pengajian Am assignment. Trial exams is on next week but I haven't really started revising. It's a nice sunny Saturday today but oh gosh, I just didn't feel like studying at all! Ugh.


I don't know man, after writing all these out I still felt like I haven't done any progress. Geez. Probably just today. I'm really looking forward to my next getaway as right now I feel like a half-alive robot doing tons of stuff. Maybe I'm not really doing too many things but I'm just so mentally tired! I have been trying to make time to carry out some physical activities and I swear I feel so good every time I've done a workout. It shifts my focus from being mentally tired to physically tired, hah! Probably one of the best way to release stress.

Should I blog about ways to release stress next time based on personal experience? I believe that the one thing Form 6 has taught me is stress management.

I hope you are having a good day, and I can't wait to tell you more about Las Vegas strip in my next post. Have been reminiscing all those memories and ahh I still miss that wonderful place!
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